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View Diary: KS State Sen. Schodorf Switches Parties (105 comments)

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  •  Sane Republicans in Kansas (2+ / 0-)
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    have been leaving the party, becoming Democrats, and getting elected for nearly ten years. Nothing reminds me so much of Stalin's purges than the Tea-right's harsh ideological cleansing of the KSGOP. They have driven people out, sometimes publicly. I had expected - OK, hoped - that their contempt for everyone not on board with their aggressive, know-nothing, government-and-poor-folks-hating agenda would give Democrats a chance in Kansas. But not yet.

    Kansas is the FIRST state to elect a Tea Party-friendly government across the board. Unfortunate as that is for the moment, it had to happen sometime, and I'm glad it's happening in a low-population, slow-news state. There's no place to hide the bodies, and not much to use for misdirection. The inevitable, egregious mis-management of the state by these governing novices will provide the specific blood and pain to the news cycle that may discredit these thin ideologues one and for all.

    Kansas was once a bulwark of American progressive thought and action. Nothing would please me more than for Kansas to be the laboratory in which the Tea-malignancy is beaten down at last. It's a shame what has to happen to the people of Kansas first. But, then, common suffering under abusive rule has always been the spring in the progressive step.

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