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View Diary: KS State Sen. Schodorf Switches Parties (105 comments)

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  •  I already wrote a diary about her decision to (1+ / 0-)
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    leave the Republicans.  

    Here is the link:

    That was the 4th of September,
    last year.

    Here is the Wichita Eagle article I quoted:  

    I'm glad the other shoe has dropped,
    she has officially joined us Democrats.

    This is not the first time
    in recent decades
    such a thing has happened:

     Mark Parkinson entered Kansas politics as a Republican in 1990. He served in the Kansas state house from 1991-1992 and the Kansas State Senate from 1993-1997. From 1999-2003, he was Chairman of the Kansas Republican Party. In 2004, he served as chairman of the Shawnee Area Chamber of Commerce board.
    On May 31, 2006, Governor Kathleen Sebelius announced that Parkinson had switched parties and was her running mate for her re-election campaign, succeeding retiring lieutenant governor John E. Moore (also a former Republican who had switched parties shortly before he joined a ticket with Sebelius).  

    Did you read that?

    Mark Parkinson,
    at one time,
    was the Chairman
    of the
    Kansas Republican Party.

    And he ended up as a Democrat,
    and served as Governor of Kansas
    as a Democrat,
    after Kathleen Sebelius,
    while serving as Governor,
    was appointed by President Obama
    as Secretary of Health and Human Services.


    My summary
    of the situation
    can be found in a comment I wrote
    in my own comment thread last September:  

     The radical right
    is pushing the moderate right
    into our arms,
    at least sometimes.

    I hope it happens more and more,
    until the radicals
    are exposed
    as radicals.

    My father was a Republican,
    but he often said that radicals are the problem.  


    Thanks for the diary,
    thanks for delivering the news.

    We need a little good news,
    here and there,
    to give us hope.

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