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  •  Not producing? Possibly $1.4 BILLION spent (20+ / 0-)

    and the state fusion centers are bilking taxpayers of money as well as our privacy. A public-private consortium that has funneled federal taxpayer dollars to prop up local crime busting.

    The Senate report mentions the Las Vegas center once, apparently as a specific example of a fusion center that is devoting resources to a marginal purpose:
       As state and local entities, the exact missions of individual fusion centers are largely beyond the authority of the Federal Government to determine. Many have chosen to focus their efforts on local and regional crime. In Nevada, the Southern Nevada Counterterrorism Center tracks incidents of violence in schools. However, Federal officials and lawmakers established Federal grant programs for the centers premised primarily on involving fusion centers in Federal efforts to prevent another terrorist attack.

    The Senate is concerned that: the Department of Homeland Security, since 2003, has spent somewhere between $283 million and $1.4 billion on fusion centers, no one can come up with a more specific figure, and, essentially, at least $283 million has apparently been just about wasted on anti-terrorism spending that didn’t fight terrorism.

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    by bronte17 on Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 09:21:07 AM PST

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