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  •  cheers from sunny Florida (14+ / 0-)

    Taking advantage of a somewhat quiet morning (okay, I'm also ignoring my email popping up) to drop in before noon for a change.

    Cheers to warm and sunny, although about now we should be getting cool and sunny (it's the dry season). Not so may cheers to the fact that warm and sunny after a bit of warm and rain has leaves coming on trees earlier than they should, so if/when we get that late winter, things will die, turn brittle, and feed fires this summer. Yup, a bit cynical right now. But cheers to warm and sunny!

    Cheers to glancing at the post above mine just a second ago and somewhat reading "corporate agenda" as "crystal meth." Possibly I need a vacation from the news.

    Cheers to anxiety attacks that are few and far between. The spacing, not the attacks. Anxiety attacks, frankly, suck, so I'm glad I don't get them often.

    Cheers to you, to us, and to everyone uncovering the good in the world.

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