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View Diary: Seattle teachers refuse to give flawed standardized test (121 comments)

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    We didn't stop classes to cover graduation test material.

    We did have questions where doing it the right way would take five times as long as realizing that no, really, they'd only let it be this one answer. So if you'd taken SAT prep, you just got incredible amounts of extra testing time from knowing the tricks they should NOT be pulling on a graduation exam.

    And five-answer analogies with one right answer if you were reading at an eighth-grade level and five right answers if you were reading at the college level.

    And science equations in the front of the test booklet that were incorrect, mislabeled, or both so your graduation standing was based on whether you guessed right about whether the answer key was done using their equations or the ones in the published curriculum standards... which I'm still convinced is the reason for the disparity in cut-off scores between GA Grad Science and the other multiple-choice graduation exams.

    Seriously, it was theoretically easier for a sophomore taking on-level English, science, and math to pass those tests than juniors taking honors and AP courses in the same subjects. And the entire AP-taking population of my high school knew it.

    Prayers and best wishes to those in Japan.

    by Cassandra Waites on Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 02:47:24 PM PST

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