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View Diary: He Doesn't Believe There's a"Rape Culture" (208 comments)

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    the ability of people with these attitude and opinions to become highly educated and powerful without being 'spotted,' I think, does betray a certain truth about the culture around that.  

    The point is that you can't be too blunt, too obvious.  "everyone" says rape is bad.  But those same people will watch an unconscious girl be drug from party to party being raped.  

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      But there's also the Kitty Genovesi effect. Otherwise decent people will stand by and watch something horrible happen to another person without intervening. None of those bystanders were "pro-murder". We all like to think we would have behaved differently in those circumstances, but the fact is, those people were just like everyone else. And I'm sure you heard the video of the drunk teenage rapist, where one of his friends keeps trying to make him understand that what he has just done is raped someone. The kid is too drunk/stupid/both to admit it. However, if you want a silver lining (and maybe evidence that supports my position), the fact that the other guy at the party was fully aware that what had happened was rape shows that the message is getting through.

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