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View Diary: He Doesn't Believe There's a"Rape Culture" (208 comments)

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    I am relatively new to the Daily Kos commentariat.   It's lively, to say the least.   This whole conversation helped me to think about what I had written in different ways than when I first fired it off.  I had envisioned a conversation and when the statistics started showing up I realized some people thought they were going to win some kind of fight.

    It's about whether or not a culture tolerates and even facilitates rape.  And the idea that we are culturally complicit in such a terrible crime is abhorent, it's only natural to reject it.
    I like the way you put this. I think we are all complicit in whatever we've got going on in society because we are all here, contributing to it and taking from it.  That seems so self evident that there has to be a huge dose of shame involved for people to get all clogged up with denying it.  We tolerate a lot of shameful, ugly stuff, men and women alike.  It's hard to bring it up, talk about, and then let it lie there and be exposed for what it is.  We attack or we jump to any conclusion that feels safe and stable.

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