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View Diary: He Doesn't Believe There's a"Rape Culture" (208 comments)

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  •  oh? and how do men benefit from 'rape culture'? (0+ / 0-)
    •  If you had read many of the comments you (0+ / 0-)

      would have had your answer.

      The short version: by having an institutional set of rules and rule makers who devalue women's experiences and testimony, the net result is rape is endemic and few rapists are punished. I trust you saw the Washington Post graphic illustrating this.

      The result is women do not feel as safe to go places because of the threat of rape or violence.  Men benefit from this by having access to certain jobs women are reluctant to take because of this threat.  Men benefit because a woman who is afraid will choose a man as a mate just to have one around to keep other men away.  In a society where rape is prosecuted in the same way as other violent assault and putting the victim on trial is not permitted, not only would prosecutions go up and incidents go down, but women would be freer to choose a man for his good qualities rather than to deter worse men.

      And at the base of tape culture is keeping women relatively powerless.  So while most men would never rape or even threaten to rape, they benefit by having most women fear the possibility.

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