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View Diary: Updated: The cruel tale of Rick Scott's Rescue Puppy. (134 comments)

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  •  I moved to Tampa in 1978 (16+ / 0-)

    Florida was a kind of paradise then.  It was even becoming gay friendly and was exciting in many ways.  I enjoyed the good life for many years.  After the Reagan years, then the Jeb Bush years and the rise of the right wing nutcases/fundamentalists/evangelists/gun nuts/etc. in the Florida panandle and other parts of the state, things began deteriorating and then, with Rick Scott, a person I detest and dislike and for whom I hold nothing but contempt, things have gone to hell.

    Florida has become intolerable.  There are so many right wingers and belligerent and angry, unintelligent fools running around that I am afraid to drive at night and only go out when necessary.  Road rage is an epidemic here.  Uncivilized and rude and ignorant behavior is commonplace.  People do not believe in the common good.  Florida has become a hell hole.  

    Twenty years ago I seriously thought of emigrating to Costa Rica or Panama or, ideally to the south of France.  I regret so much not having done so.  I am now too old and not in the best of health so doing so would be impossible.  I do have a son and his family living nearby.  But I regret staying here.

    Rick Scott is a disaster and an incompetent fool.  The worst governor in modern history.  After great Democratic governors like Lawton Chiles and Bob Graham, Scott is someone who embarrasses all Floridians

    •  thank you (8+ / 0-)

      I was starting to believe it was only peevishness on my part.  

      I truthfully hate Florida.  The dumbasses, rightwing nuts, birthers, truthers, road ragers, etc. have chased me out of my home.  

      Here's an example of how stupid people are:  Last night, a woman was telling us she had to get her 85 mother a new pacemaker right away.  Why?  Because her mother could not get a pacemaker under Obamacare.  

      How fucking stupid do you have to be to not only believe this, but pass it on.  

      Florida is a cautionary tale of what happens when the far right takes over.   We have no social services.  Our medical care is horrible.  Our schools are spotty at best.  I've had it with teabaggers who are on SS and Medicare and think government is bad.  

      My daughter, who will graduate high school in May can't wait to get out this place.  She's had it with the dumbass rednecks.  She's had it with no jobs.  

      I'm yielding.  I'm crying "uncle.  Next boom, I'm out of here.  

      •  Ditto (6+ / 0-)

        I moved to the Orlando area in 1994, basically for the weather.  Florida was still pretty nice then.  Lawton Chiles was just being re-elected Governor, and, since I work for a University, I lived with a false sense of security.

        Then came the Jebster, who I despised.  I thought it couldn't get any worse.  Hah!  We now have this horrible Teabagger Sick Rott.  

        My son, who is now 27 wants out of here, and once I have worked four more years and can retire, I'm out of here, too.  Back up north to Massachusetts.  Heck, I'll be retired.  I can stay indoors when it's really cold.

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