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  •  Aaron battled depression for a (9+ / 0-)

    number of years. It has been noted by friends, family and colleagues that the extremely heavy handed prosecution took a toll. He writes allegorically about the Batman/Joker essential struggle wherein the hero becomes the villain and vice-versa until one is boxed into a corner and left with no alternatives that are palatable.
    Here are some writings by Aaron on his 'sickness' (depression).

    If nothing else, please try to understand the brilliance, the passion Aaron had for the fight he waged on our behalf- for freedom of information for everyone.
    For many of us, his passing is very painful, but I hope that because of him, we will pick up the torch and carry on his fight, our fight, for a free unfettered flow of cultural knowledge, learning and information not just for the privileged and the 'first world' citizens that can afford it, but for everyone.

    ...You want to lie in bed and keep the lights off. Depressed mood is like that, only it doesn’t come for any reason and it doesn’t go for any either. Go outside and get some fresh air or cuddle with a loved one and you don’t feel any better, only more upset at being unable to feel the joy that everyone else seems to feel. Everything gets colored by the sadness.

    At best, you tell yourself that your thinking is irrational, that it is simply a mood disorder, that you should get on with your life. But sometimes that is worse. You feel as if streaks of pain are running through your head, you thrash your body, you search for some escape but find none. And this is one of the more moderate forms. As George Scialabba put it, “acute depression does not feel like falling ill, it feels like being tortured … the pain is not localized; it runs along every nerve, an unconsuming fire. … Even though one knows better, one cannot believe that it will ever end, or that anyone else has ever felt anything like it.”

    "When the powerless are shut out of the media, we will make the media irrelevant" ~♥~ Anonymous ~♥~

    by Lisa Lockwood on Tue Jan 15, 2013 at 05:14:41 AM PST

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    •  Don't know if this fits or makes sense........... (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      Original to be humorous…
      There's an old black spiritual song.
      Kids sleeping in a bed.
      One says "Move Over, move over!"
      One by one the kids fall out of the bed.
      The end the one says…
      "I'm lonesome."
      Who's guilty?
      P.S. This isn't an anti Obama rant, just an example of the absurdity of the 1%'s control.
      P.S.S. Still weeping...

      •  The way I heard it, (0+ / 0-)

        it ended with the last kid just saying "Good night!" (and, presumably, enjoying having the whole bed to himself).

        Never heard it was a "spiritual", though. It's been reported from all over the British Isles and Australia, as well as America.

        (There seem to be innumerable variants on this song, from the starting number in the bed to what kind of creatures they were - bears, birds, monkeys, humans - to the ending. At least one variation has them progressively rolling back IN.)

        If it's
        Not your body,
        Then it's
        Not your choice
        And it's
        None of your damn business!

        by TheOtherMaven on Fri Jan 18, 2013 at 04:11:19 PM PST

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