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View Diary: The hypocrisy of gun control during the War on Terror (61 comments)

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  •  The violence and killing globally (0+ / 0-)

    under the guise of GWOT are not separate from the violence and killing in our society. You can site all the stats you want about how there is no relationships to societies our fixation with violence, guns and killing. Shock and Awe and kick some ass along with fear are pumped at us daily. No way does the violence just stay in our so called foreign policy. We've cheapened life with our fear and our love of dominance. Viet Nam? How did those people deserve what we did to them. Now we have a war on terror which means anyone who might resist our neocon geopolitical wet dream of a nightmare NWO.

    When we globally kill, drone bomb torture preemptively anyone we declare a 'terrist', insurgent, militant, extremist, or a potential threat to our geopolitical madness you can't tell me that our own domestic violence is separate.  We are told that the GWOT is to protect us from  people who are gonna kill yer family. Sounds like the same rationale that the gun culture uses to arm themselves to the teeth with military grade weapons. To top it off American's are addicted to fear and the masters of war and bankster con men play off fear and whip it up anytime they want to do the nasty on people including children.  

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