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View Diary: Now it's Hannity talking secession (177 comments)

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  •  Hannity cheats taxpayers every day... (0+ / 0-)

    Using the public airwaves for corporate propaganda is a generational swindle. He prevents citizens from understanding important issues, especially elections.

    The man who endorsed the Iraq war and putting our troops at risk to hunt around for WMD has no right to complain about debt or waste. When he is confronted about how we're supposed to pay for all these wars, he just shrugs and says that it's necessary to confront evil in our time.

    Did he get that from a comic book, or did he just pull it from his ass? Out of the same mouth he blames Obama for the economy, he endorses endless war all paid for on debt.

    Then, Hannity told us Romney would win - even in the face of polling that disproved it at every step. Hannity said the Bush tax cuts would create jobs, wrong, wrong, wrong.

    But even worse than lying to people to provide cover for election fraud and disenfranchisement, was Hannity's view that we should double down on Bush's economic policies, the same policies that destroyed the economy in 2008.

    No ideas, no credibility and deathly afraid of smart callers...shaking in his boots afraid.

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