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View Diary: Guns don’t defend people, guns kill people (46 comments)

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  •  But you have been entirely unresponsive (0+ / 0-)

    to the question. I don't know why, you would have to answer that, but I don't expect you to.

    Yes, the principal and a couple of teachers did what they could to defend those kids.

    The point of the diary is to argue that there is NO defensive use for guns. You apparantly think that muggers and assailants are better armed than the average Joe, so average Joe should just give up. Lay there and die while the police take minutes to arrive - just in time to draw a nice chalk outline of a corpse and fill out the necessary paperwork.

    Hey, throwing a mop or bucket at the SOB is something. A floor lamp, a chair, a book.

    Keeping a gun for self defense is perfectly reasonable and rational.

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