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View Diary: It's the Law - Cuomo signs Gun Control Legislation (219 comments)

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  •  It's time the 'law abiding gun owners' (1+ / 0-)
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    started to put pressure on the criminals.  

    Instead of selfishly being so concerned someone is going to take away their guns for hunting.

    Lock guns up securely.  Store ammo securely.  Don't allow their guns to be stolen.  Don't sell at strip mall parking lots from car trunks (personally witnessed).

    General society has to make careless deeds regarding guns an anathema.  They are not toys.  There needs to be stricter gun safety and handling classes for youth.  

    What is the NRA doing about this?  And when they do give classes is seems like they are delivered with a douse of their version of the Second Amendment.  

    I do wish the leg & Cuomo had done more in this legislation with education.

    •  Again you are putting blame on the law abiding (0+ / 0-)

      citizen.  Do you think a criminal needs a law abiding citizen to get a gun??  Don't you think they have their own?  DOn't you think they have always had their own?  Do you have any idea how many non serialed, stolen guns are out there over the years??   Millions and millions.   They don't have to get Joe Innocent Gun Owner's gun to have one.  And guess what, after all of these laws are passed to hinder Joe's rights.....those gun will still be out there and still being used by criminals.  These laws won't even get one of them off the street....not one! Because the criminals won't be turning them in or registering them or doing anything with them....except more crime.

      Don't you understand that the guns you witnessed being sold from the back of a truck in the mall....was more than likely a felon or a criminal and not a law abiding gun owner?

      It is really sad indeed that absolute no focus or even blame is put on the criminals in this entire equation.....but rather in the law abiding gun owners who in the very vast majority of the cases......own their guns, keep their guns and never, ever commit a crime with them.

      It is the criminals committing the crimes not the regular gun owner.

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