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  •  Some aircrafy made by Boeing - (1+ / 0-)
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    still have Flight Engineers, even though the cockpit is modernized with Multi Function Displays.  The CH-47 Chinook in it's newest form (the CH-47F) still has a panel in the back for the Flight Engineer. And minimum crew to fly is still three (2 pilots, 1 Flight Engineer).  When they were designing and testing new systems for the upgraded Chinook, they originally installed a "Glass" panel in the back for the FE.. That area has the highest amount of vibration on that aircraft. The panels would last about 25 hours and crap out, so even now the panel in the back for the FE is still steam gauges and warning lights while the entire cockpit up front is glass.   Even the civilian versions doing commercial work fly with an FE in back.

    Yes, it seems the truth does have a Liberal bias, So does reality it seems. And the Republicans will never change that, because they believe money makes reality, and they are allergic to the truth.

    by Nebraskablue on Sun Jan 20, 2013 at 10:55:48 PM PST

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