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    ...that how the initiative is written is extremely important, not only in the guidelines the commissioners must follow, but also in how they are chosen. Following from Wiki is how the California process worked:

    In November 2008, California voters passed Proposition 11, authorizing a state redistricting commission.[1] The California Bureau of State Audits (BSA) adopted regulations on 20 October 2009.[22] The Applicant Review Panel was randomly selected on 16 November 2009. The initial application period to apply to be on the commission began on 15 December 2009 and continued through 16 February 2010.[23] The BSA issued more regulations in 2010 dealing with how the first 8 commissioners would select the remaining 6.[24] The required supplemental application period began on 17 February 2010 and continued through 19 April 2010.[23] California Proposition 20 was passed in November 2010.[23]

    The California State Auditor collected nearly 5,000 completed applications out of over 30,000[25] for the commission. A three-member panel of auditors reviewed the applications and conducted interviews to establish a pool of 20 Democrats, 20 Republicans, and 20 applicants from neither major party. The panel submitted the list of 60 of the most qualified applicants to the Legislature on September 29, 2010.[23]

    The California Assembly Speaker, the California Senate President Pro Tempore, and the minority party leaders in the Assembly and the Senate, as authorized by the law, jointly reduced the pools to 12 members in each pool. The Legislature submitted a list of applicants remaining in the pool on 12 November 2010.[23] The State Auditor then randomly drew three Democrats, three Republicans, and two applicants from neither major party to become commissioners on 18 November 2010.[23] Finally, these first eight commissioners selected six commissioners from the remaining applicants in the pools on 15 December 2010.[23][26]

    So the commission ended up being bipartisan and randomly chosen, and this was acceptable to the electorate. In a previous attempt in California to set up a redistricting commission, the bill said that the lines would be drawn by retired judges. Both parties, who at that time were somewhat competitive with each other, opposed independent redistricting, and sponsored an ad that killed the initiative. The ads implied that current judges would be involved and that the judiciary should be kept out of the process. The lightly informed electorate agreed.

    No one ever created a vibrant economy by building houses for each other. Houses are built because there is a vibrant economy.

    by Doug in SF on Tue Jan 22, 2013 at 03:46:38 PM PST

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