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  •  So dim-witted.... (6+ / 0-)

    Was discussing this with a co-worker this morning who was asking why this ad isn't right, and why anyone would be offended. Said it's one hundred percent true.

    I waited for some blathering and some more gun bluster, and then asked one question:

    "So, are you also saying that he's a hypocrite because he has a team of 12 armed guards watching him all day long, and you and I have none?"

    The answer: "That's different"

    When asked how, I got about five frustrated minutes of fumbled words, chopped off sentences, hesitation, and jibberish. And the conversation was over.

    These fools that buy into this NRA crap are so dim-witted and so easily persuaded, that it simply isn't worth it to get "offended" by anything they do or say. By making such a petulent and illogical argument vis a vis the President's kids, they are simply putting out there for all to see how illiterate and gullible they believe their OWN membership and supporters to be, which is brutally ironic.

    The other day on MSNBC, Richard Wolffe said something that made a tremendous amount of sense, and that we should take to heart and act upon..."Because of their blind hatred of the President and their obstinence and unwillingness to think reasonably and/or consider another view, debating this crowd is pointless. They cannot be persuaded. But they have become so crazy, and so out of step with the American public, that you can lampoon them, in a way, and literally just poke fun at the crazy things they say, and that HAS proven to be effective in a way...."

    Agreed. Don't debate the disgusting and illogical. Don't waste your time getting offended or angry by this notion about the kids, given that this has nothing to do with them. Instead, continue to mock the message, and shake your head. The vast majority of today's "silent majority" is already doing that, and letting the craziness of the right continue to amaze and confound even the most right-leaning moderate is the surest way that the GOP and its allies continue to marginalize themselves into irrelevance...for the betterment of all of us.

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