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View Diary: Murdochgate: News Corp. Hemorrhaging 1,000's of Stores from its Supermarket Ad Division (33 comments)

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  •  Yes, you've given your history before (0+ / 0-)

    And I believe you when you talked about that.  I even believe that you feel badly how the Bain stuff went, and I know what it's like when trying to correct amateur misunderstandings but fail to do so because they're in such a different place than you.

    Fact remains, you duck a lot of direct questions.  On a politics site.  About your politics.

    You didn't say who you voted for.  You said who people voted for where you lived.  More ducking.  Do you even realize how much you do this, or do you think you're being so clever trying to sneak this past me?  

    I would appreciate your contributions, given that you do have a background few people here have, if I didn't have the overwhelming sense you are hiding something and are here to subvert the discussion.

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