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View Diary: Michele Bachmann still won't pay staff, so staff rats her out to the feds (158 comments)

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  •  I used to be surprised (7+ / 0-)

    Now I'm not sure what I am, but even twelve years ago, political parties and their components acted more like civilized professionals.

    I keep reading about tactics being used by the GOP that make me think they've taken a page from L. Ron Hubbard's 'How to Run A Cult and Control People.'

    This "won't pay until you sign a gag order" is very reminiscent of Scientology, who used to cut checks with a gag order agreement printed on the back where your endorsement signature goes.

    Along with blatant lies, threats and intimidation tactics, the GOP and Scientology could well be using the same manual.

    It's not going well for Scientology OR the GOP. That's what happens when you become an abusive, totalitarian organization that looks to aliens and imaginary deities for guidance.

    Of course, Scientology is involved in politics; from Greta van Sustern's OTVIII hubby John Coale to the file clerk in your local congresscritter's office. Hubbard said, "Don't run for office, be the guy working in the background."

    The Scientologists favor Libertarian and the GOP generally speaking, so it's not a surprise that Republicans are employing the same tactics that have made Scientology so very popular.

    THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. -- L. Ron Hubbard Technique 88

    by xenubarb on Wed Jan 16, 2013 at 10:29:20 AM PST

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