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  •  Per The NRA's 990 (a non-profit's 1040)... (2+ / 0-)
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    They took in $100,000,000 in membership dues in 2010, the most recent year available on-line. Dues for new members are $35, $60 and $85 for one-, two- and three-year memberships respectively, but they are currently offering discounts of $25, $50 and $70. (Maybe their membership has shrunk in recent years.)

    I have no idea how membership distributes across the three terms, but if one assumes an average of $50/per new member or renewal, total membership is on the order of two million, not the four million I hear repeated endlessly. Also the same 990 lists donations/grants around $59,000,000, presumably where the gun manufacturer's grants appear.

    The numbers imply a certain amount of puffery when the NRA beats its chest and threatens electoral retaliation. They are not the engine of electoral influence they'd like congressmen and senators to think they are.

    If there were wholesale defections from their historical supporters, I suspect the NRA would be hard pressed to challenge 10 congressman at once in primaries or a general election.

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