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View Diary: Democrat Jim Cooper's vote against Sandy relief shows, once again, why he needs to be primaried (191 comments)

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  •  Jim Cooper's two districts (3+ / 0-)

    During Cooper's first stint in Congress (which ended in 1994), he represented Tennessee's Fourth District.  This is an area which had been reddening for some time.  Al Gore lost it narrowly to George Bush in 2000, despite the fact that this was the district he had represented while he was in the House.  Today (after reapportionment), the Fourth has a PVI of R+13.  Despite his numerous scandals, Scott DesJarlais won TN-04 easily last November.

    Cooper is voting as if he still represented TN-04, instead of TN-05.  As David notes in the post, Obama won the Fifth in 2012 with a twelve point margin.  Perhaps, Cooper's voting record during the Nineties could be understood as an attempt to reflect the views of his constituents.  That is not the case today.  We are not discussing someone like Jim Matheson or Colin Peterson who holds a ruby-red district.  I would not support a primary from the left against either of these two, but I would certainly support one against Cooper.

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