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  •  Midwinter tomatoes (in San Francisco) (11+ / 0-)


    We have a tunnel entry (a common feature in San Francisco houses, especially in the Sunset), which gives us a small area outside the kitchen window that isn't really outdoors, but isn't really indoors either.  It's a flat area about 4' x 6', and maybe 10' below the roofline.  In the winter, it doesn't get much sun because of the low angle of the sun, but in summer the light goes way down the stairs.  

    As you can see, I've got about a salad's worth of Sweet 100's and a couple of ripe Romas, too.  You can't really see them in this photo, but I also have hot peppers growing - the vine works its way up through the tomato cages.  This is the first time I'm letting them keep going over winter, and so far so good.  The only problem is that they're kind of leggy as they need to grow tall to get the sun.  I also grow basil once the light starts getting down to the shelf level.

    The tomatoes are growing in an Earthbox planter, and I can't recommend it highly enough for growing in a small space.  It's slightly spendy ($60-ish) but the results have been fantastic.  A few times, I've tried tomatoes in other containers, side by side with this thing (like when I found a third type I wanted to grow) and plants in the EarthBox grew half again as fast as the other planters and set much more fruit.  You can lots of other veggies in them too, but... tomatoes!

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