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  •  Clearly, they're NOT there yet, (21+ / 0-)

    and unlikely to BE there in time before 2014 to usher in the populist wave envisioned by our kossian overlord.

    We've got a president talking tough on the debt ceiling (as if that were where the battle's going to be waged). Meantime, he's the guy who engineered the sequester sword, effectively blocked the GOP from sheathing it, and is bound and determined to use it to justify the "necessity" to compromise on spending during the Fiscal Cliff II cage match.

    We've got ol' Glass Jaw Harry apparently working overtime to fashion a compromise on the filibuster reform which will render reform anything but. Oh, and Harry, staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment and recipient of campaign cash from his buds at the NRA, is concern trolling that he just doesn't see how a renewal of the AWB can possibly get through the Senate.

    We've got Nancy Pelosi, until recently, touting chained CPI, then laughably proclaiming she was just testing the opposition.

    This is the party leadership.

    Re 2014? Here's what I posted a while back:

    In my view, there is but one hope for retaking the House and retaining majority in the Senate in 2014. The progressive members of the Congress must break with the president's economic policies and take their case directly to the American people. That case is budget fairness and economic empowerment. And that case can me made by educating the voters about, and drumming up support for, the Congressional Progressive Caucus' "Budget for All."

    The CPC budget embodies the principles that the American people already support by substantial majorities - they just don't know the proposed budget exists and that anyone is fighting for its enactment. Show the voters it's the Democrats (real Democrats) who are fighting for it, and we can win in 2014, in spite of Obama's efforts to implement austerity.

    I believe this even more strongly now. It's time for every Congresscritter who is serious about progressive reform of our corrupted system to start playing hardball, even if it means fighting against our own leadership.

    Wear it proud. Wear it loud. Outlaw concealed carry. That gun hidden under your coat won't deter shit.

    by WisePiper on Wed Jan 16, 2013 at 06:37:00 PM PST

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