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View Diary: If you like quinoa, asparagus, or free trade, read this. (207 comments)

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  •  Most places in the US could eat more seasonally (8+ / 0-)

    and stop buying strawberries in December and asparagus in the middle of the summer.

    Our purchase of these items has helped many South American countries that grow on the opposite season to ours but we're also adding to the carbon load in ways that we don't need to. When we lived in Argentina, we couldn't afford to buy blueberries there even though they were grown in country. They make so much money off them in the US, they can't be bothered to sell them for a decent price at home. Maybe Americans should begin to realize that we're paying too much for food that comes from overseas and not enough for our food raised by our own farmers.

    •  Gardening semi-seriously (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      angelajean, AZ Sphinx Moth

      (once begun it's not hard to get semi-serious) leads directly to seasonal locavore-awareness. Even the things I don't grow are available at the local tailgate farmer's markets in season. And what I do grow is of course available in season. If you don't wish to bother too much with preservation, it has to get eaten in season!

      I have found that by the time you're sick of asparagus, young greens, morels and ramps, it's time for serious collards, first squash, peas/beans and new potatoes. I don't miss what comes in early spring for what comes in late spring, or what comes in late spring through the summer and fall. There's plenty to eat, it all tastes great...

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