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  •  Wow. I've been vegetarian (1+ / 0-)
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    Donkey Hotey

    by choice (ovo-lacto, do consume cheese, milk, eggs, occasional fish) for nearly 40 years. Mostly because I never much liked meat anyway, always fed it to the dog under the table. There's so much great taste-treat variety in fruits, veggies and grains that I've never missed it. Kids grew up without meat from toddler-dom, one grandson was vegetarian until teenager-hood (when hamburgers are apparently a rite of passage). He got to be 6'4" and 170 pounds, mostly without meat.

    I grow quite a chunk of our vegetable and fruit diet here on our ~23 acres (mostly forest). Also grow forest crops of medicinal herbs - because they grow naturally here, so I encourage that). Trade with neighbors and dealers at the tail-gate markets for what I don't grow. Grains are mostly dabblings because I don't have but a few acres cleared, but I've been trying them out for 20 years. Eventually something will like it here.

    Humans weren't designed to subsist on meat 3-4 times a day, 365 days a year. Being a 'wannabe' locavore can inform you a lot about what can be the healthiest diet (even with meat). So much of our carbon output goes into transportation of food that we really need to start taking that seriously.

    On the other hand, some folks like meat. My Mom cut the tip off her finger when she was 12 trying to cut off a rooster's head for Sunday dinner during the Depression. After that she got pissed off, learned to flip chicken heads off just by twisting her wrist (and was rather proud of it). If you can raise your own calves and dairy cows/goats and chickens and pigs and ducks and rabbits and don't mind killing them humanely and dealing properly with the meat products, go for it. I've no problem with killing fish, am contemplating a trout farm in my retirement. No problem with hunting for game food either, the hunters I know take it seriously.

    I can't deliberately kill a critter I know by name, and don't care to kill critters I don't know by name. If you can, that's fine. Choosing not to be a party to the whole impersonal death industry where someone else kills your food so you don't have to think about it is something that gives me the greeblies. That's just me.

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