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View Diary: Oops! Republicans Brag About Winning 2012 House Through Miracle of Gerrymandering [ACTION UPDATE] (130 comments)

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  •  If they do that, they will have no legitimacy (1+ / 0-)
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    When Bush "beat" Gore, it was one thing, because at least it came down to the states.  What Republicans don't seem to understand is overtly cheating to win will cost them any legitimacy.  And it will matter.  

    The American public will not stand for a Republican presidency that occurs due to changing the rules, resulting in a Republican win even though they suffered a decisive popular vote loss.  

    Also, demographics and the insanity of the Republican party that has kept going right, partially because it has gerrymandered its way to a majority, are threatening to render everything moot.  Republicans are on the wrong side of history, and when your voting groups are losing ground, drawing a bunch of 55/45 districts puts you at serious risk of getting wiped out by the end of the next decade.  

    Republicans have managed to hang onto power for a few more years, and it is very bad that they have done so.  It's also very bad that mismanagement by Obama and the Dems gave Republicans the levers to redistricting at the completely wrong time.  However, even with all that in place, the Republicans could still end up losing the House before the end of the decade, and once we redistrict back to a more balanced setup in 2020, they'll get massacred.  At this point they have almost no chance of making further gains from gerrymandering as they are already approaching their maximum potential.  

    •  The people won't do anything, they didn't do (1+ / 0-)
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      anything about Bush.  The way to handle this is that the money flows to them by district and the district with the most people gets the money.  Fewer people, less money, let's face this, this is all about money.

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