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View Diary: Yesterday Idle No More's mass protest rocked Canada from coast to coast (78 comments)

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  •  This is a good point - thanks, (0+ / 0-)

    and among my own social circle I know only one person who was racist, several years ago at least (don't know if she still holds these views; we haven't discussed it in a while).

    She told me that things would be easier/better in Canada today if the European settlers had completely removed? (assimilated? eliminated? I can't remember what euphemism she used but whatever it was, it struck me as atrocious) the First Nations people.

    I tried to explain to her as politely and calmly as possible, that by saying this she was advocating genocide. Didn't seem to convince her, though, that this sort of viewpoint was morally abhorrent. Sigh.

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    by Eowyn9 on Fri Jan 18, 2013 at 11:28:02 AM PST

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