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View Diary: Yesterday Idle No More's mass protest rocked Canada from coast to coast (78 comments)

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    Great diary and sorry I missed it until today.

    Fully agree with you that we need to be suspect when they attack the messenger and avoid the message.

    Harper tried last year to blame Chief Spence for the housing crisis. Her reserve Attawapiskat took the Harper government to federal court, and won. The judge ruled that the appointment of a third-party manager was "unreasonable," that there was no evidence of mismanagement or financial impropriety, and that the core - and unaddressed - issue in Attawapiskat was a lack of funding for housing. Presciently, he added:

    "This judicial review confirms, if such confirmation were needed, that decisions made in the glare of publicity and amidst politically charged debate do not always lead to a reasonable resolution of the relevant issue," Justice Michael Phelan wrote.
    Instead, when there was renewed public debate about the poverty of First Nations and attention again focused on Chief Spence, Harper leaked the audit "amidst politically charged debate." I will respond later to the allegation that prompted your comment, named that Chief Spence "misappropriated over $100 million" dollars and explain what the audit actually said.

    Again, so glad to see your diary!

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