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View Diary: A 45 Caliber Smith & Wesson Revolver (116 comments)

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  •  In my parent house (15+ / 0-)

    There was a shotgun, my grandpa's. Nice old double barrel I never touched it although I knew where it was, disarmed in its bag. There was also a 30 long barrel service revolver. My uncle found it while working in the sewers. The barrel had a hole and at there were no bullets for it. I played with that thing all the time, getting on my moms nerves, getting it taken away many times and find it again and playing with it until I went on my own.

    Much later on I learned that there was another gun at home. A really neat .22 pistol from my other grandpa, with a couple of clips. I asked my parents why they never told me that one was at home. The answer was obvious: After seeing you toying all the time with .38 there was no way we were going to tell you there was a functional weapon in the house. They were right. Guns ain't toys

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