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  •  I know two people who died (2+ / 0-)
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    suspiciousmind, Bisbonian

    because there was a gun in the house.

    First was the son of my boss where I worked when I was in high school.  Mom and Dad went out for the evening, and the kids found a gun to play with.  The 7th grade son died.

    The other was the wife of a co-worker.  He had left for work in the morning, and a kid, thinking the house was empty, crawled in through their dog door and was filling a pillowcase with jewelry when she came out of the bathroom.  He was unarmed, she went for her gun but he somehow got it away from her and shot her.  The cops came to the husband's job site and accused him of the murder.  

    Nobody I know has saved themselves from a crime with a gun.  And I live in Texas.

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