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  •  A friend of mine, married to an abusive man (1+ / 0-)
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    (who really needed to take psychotropic drugs but refused) begged him - BEGGED HIM - to lock up his pistol.  He refused, of course, since 1) he wasn't having no woman tell him what to do, and 2) he needed to be able to get at the gun if someone broke in.

    (Trust me - any burglar who broke into that home would have turned right around and left.  The asshole refused to allow my friend to clean the house because that would have meant moving "his stuff.").

    Needless to say, their 4-year old got ahold of the gun and shot himself in the abdomen and almost died.

    Did he lock up the gun then?  No.

    So my friend got rid of the gun.  Cost her a black eye and a cracked rib.   She said it was worth it.  Fortunately, they didn't have the money for him to replace it.

    (Just to finish the story - my friend finally divorced the asshole when she realized she was lying in bed wondering if she was going to wake up.  She remarried a super nice guy who had been in love with her for years and was a proper role model for her kids.  As they say, all's well that end's well.)

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