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  •   The 1971 Powell Memorandum, a confidential (15+ / 0-)

    memorandum for the US Chamber of Commerce, started the whole business intense lobbying train rolling.
    Peterson's Fix-The-Debt is part of this effort.

    Lewis Powell, later appointed to the Supreme Court, was from Virginia.  

    Hedrick Smith has a great timeline here.

    August 1971—Corporate attorney Lewis Powell sparks a political rebellion with his call to arms for Corporate America. Circulated by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Powell’s   memo warns that anti-business attitudes and government regulation are threatening to “fatally  weaken  or  destroy” the American free enterprise system. Powell declares that business must arm itself politically, battle organized labor and consumer activists, and mount a long-term campaign to change the balance of power and policy trends in Washington.
    From "Who Stole the American Dream".

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