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  •  And now we are seeing this in New Mexico! (3+ / 0-)
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    bige1030, RUNDOWN, greengemini

    Five killed SW of the city.  Assault rifle reported to be involved.  15-year old held.

    Is this ever going to stop?  Five people were accidentally shot at three gun shows over the last few days.  Fortunately nobody was killed, but one show in North Carolina, I believe, had THREE people accidentally shot!  They can't even provide safety at a gun show!  

    •  As insensitive as this sounds... (2+ / 0-)
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      Desert Scientist, greengemini

      ...perhaps the negligence of the gun owner should be considered within the law, as far as failure to secure weapons is concerned.

      When the victim of a gun-related crime is at least part-owner of the weapon used against him/her, and there is no evidence that the perpetrator brought a gun to the crime scene, the perpetrator's sentence must be lightened.

      If a gun is used in a murder, the owner should be charged as an accessory to that murder. A defense is that the gun was adequately secured from theft, and the gun was obtained without consent of the owner. Another is that the gun was physically taken off the person of the owner.

      Those possessing the gun with the consent of the owner should be held to the same standards as an owner.

      Adequate security would involve two safes - one for the guns and one for the ammo. They must be lockable, and the means to open the locks must not be kept near the safes (just like you shouldn't keep your password under your keyboard).

      •  Also, gun owners should be REQUIRED ... (1+ / 0-)
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        to carry liability insurance like home owners and car owners have to do.  That might make them think twice about being negligent when the insurance company cancels their policy if they mess up too many times.

        Jail time?  In murder cases certainly.

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