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View Diary: "I snapped, shot 3 people, I'm sure," Stidham told police. Police confirm: 3 people dead (323 comments)

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  •  The variance can be amazing, can't it? (1+ / 0-)
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    You can have your C&R holders who will buy a couple of Moisin Nagants for <$100 each, maybe a cheaper Mauser, and the odd rifle or so every year or so. And you can find people who go to high-end auctions to pay tens of thousands or more for a Savage 1907 .45 ACP.

    Firearm collecting isn't inherently elitist or high-end, but it certainly can be if you want it.

    •  absolutely though it appears to me that (1+ / 0-)
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      vintage and antique car collectors are perhaps the most elite (just storing and maintaining a few of them can consume an average family's income easily, never mind purchasing and restoring them, particularly if you are a purist and insist on original or milled parts only in restoration)

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