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View Diary: Wall Street Journal or The Onion? (195 comments)

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    The cartoon wasn't even the main focus of the article and the article was pretty straight forward.

    When you say that people that make good money are to blame for the country being in bad financial shape it lends itself to the idea that you are envious or at the very least misguided in your anger.  

    What about a certain dollar amount (you pick it) makes someone responsible for the condition our country is in.  

    How were you responsible when you made a lot of money?  What percentage of the blame can I put on you for being fortunate enough to be taxed at 40%?

    What you are saying in your diary is that it is this arbitrary number that someone earns that makes them a culprit in our downturn and not some other factor like being a part of a mortgage giant and having some ability to sell junk mortgages or something like that.  How much blame does your favorite actor or athlete get?  They may lots of money too.

    That's just what I get from your diary.  It's not okay to be mad that your taxes went up if you make X.  It's not okay to make X because you are hurting the country.

    What this Diary reeks of is the portrayal of wealthy families as "sad" at having to make a contribution to the parlous financial position they have put this country in.

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    by mim5677 on Fri Jan 18, 2013 at 08:32:55 AM PST

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