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View Diary: Two employees that supported Obama fired in Utah (234 comments)

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    A small "forensics" company is probably not what you think.

    The state of Utah has its own state lab, and everything they can't do themselves (generally the more arcane forensic stuff) goes out to a national commerical lab.  The county (Cedar City is small but not that small, and I understand it's wealthy, lots of summer homes and ski lodges for the LA and Vegas elite) probably has some basic capabilities locally, and sends the rest out to the state.  And depending on the circumstances, it can go to the FBI or other federal resources as well.  It's both the technical capability and all of the business issues: you need to know how to maintain chain of custody.

    So this "forensic" operation is likely oriented toward telling the polygamists down there which of their wives is cheating (and outsources it all to commercial labs).  So it's a small operation.  He might or might not have enough employees to be able to single out the two Obama supporters and fire them.  He might also just might be making it up.  In either case, he's not some kind of large company CEO.  Just one more wingnut idiot.

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