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  •  If He's Lying..... (5+ / 0-)
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    There seems to be three possibilities:

    • Te'o is telling bits of the truth & he was the victim of a hoax. But he was embarrassed & instead of coming clean to being duped, he tried to save face & lied. And the lie spun out of control.
    • Instead of being a victim of a hoax, Te'o (who's a Mormon going to a renowned Catholic school) concocted the relationship to dissuade inquiries into his personal life. The long-distance relationship provides an answer to "why don't you have a girlfriend?" and the story of a girlfriend being sick with cancer gives a credible excuse for why the long-distance girlfriend wouldn't be attending games, especially when he's playing at her school (Stanford) or in big nationally televised events. While the deception would still be wrong, this explanation is also tragic, since it would be an example of a guy so afraid of what people might think about him that he went to these kinds of lengths.
    • The story was fabricated by Te'o and/or his backers as a stunt to increase his chances at winning the Heisman (which he came in second in balloting for), and raise a positive national profile to increase marketability & his draft chances for the NFL.

    Both the second & third explanations would be bad for him both professionally & personally, but I think the third one would probably be the most damning to him, as far as public reputation. And, fair or not, you can bet private investigators for various NFL teams are going to be digging into this before a first round draft pick is used on him.

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