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    How to Promote Diaries About the Environment

    If you are on Facebook or Twitter, feel free to promote diaries written by others and/or use the below template - and three other templates like it - in your diaries.  I have placed the four templates in the Climate Change SOS Group Queue.

    • If you are on Facebook and Twitter - click on diary FB link, log in, and then click "Like."  You may also want to post diary link on your FB page.  On Twitter, you click diary link and then send out a tweet to your followers, hopefully many of whom are also on Daily Kos.
    • If you are not on either Facebook or Twitter - feel free to copy, paste, preview, and post one of these templates from the Climate Change SOS group queue in your own or diaries written by others.  You need to be a group member to do that, which is why I gave the option to join or emailing me in this comment.

    Kosmail me to join the group or send me your email address and I'll forward you the HTML codes for the templates.  It's very easy to copy, paste, preview and post in comments or diaries.  Promise. :-)

    Help Us Spread the Word About Climate Change

    For those of you on Facebook and Twitter: Please help to spread the word by hitting the FB and Tweet links at the top of this diary and if you have time, join the discussion with comments.  Share such postings with friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances.

    Thanks, as all of this helps build the Climate Change movement as well as introducing critically important ideas about renewable sources of energy.

    Please use hashtags #climate and #eco to tweet all diaries about the environment.

    "Green Diary Rescue" is Back!

    After a hiatus of over 1 1/2 years, Meteor Blades has revived his excellent series.  As MB explained, this weekly diary is a "round-up with excerpts and links... of the hard work so many Kossacks put into bringing matters of environmental concern to the community... I'll be starting out with some commentary of my own on an issue related to the environment, a word I take in its broadest meaning."

    "Green Diary Rescue" will be posted every Saturday at 1:00 pm Pacific Time on the Daily Kos front page.  Be sure to recommend and comment in the diary.  

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