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  •  I'm getting annoyed (0+ / 0-)

    That not only is the Lizzy Seeberg case being somehow roped into the Te'o saga, when they have absolutely nothing to do with each other, but it's also being completely misreported in the media.

    The author of the NY Times piece states that ND didn't conduct an investigation of the allegations. Not only did they conduct an internal investigation, but they also referred the matter to the St. Joseph county sheriffs department who investigated the matter. In both the case of the sexual assault complaint (touching her breast while alone in her dorm room) and the subsequent 'threat' texted to her, the prosecutors office concluded that neither could rise to the level of a prosecutable offense given the evidence (and just in case you are wondering the St. Joseph county sheriffs office would be salivating at the opportunity to strike a blow against the ND football team). This of course largely happened because Ms. Seeberg was caught in various lies during the interviewing process.

    After her suicide, David Haugh of the Chicago tribune took it upon himself to completely misreport the story in order to slam ND, and despite being corrected by the St. Joseph county prosecutors office, has never issued a retraction. Lizzy seeberg's suicide was an awful thing. And it is very possible that there was a sexual assault that contributed to it. However, unlike say Swartmore College (where I attended school and sexual assault & even rape were often brushed under the rug by administrators), the ND administration actually did the right thing in this case and forwarded it to the local authorities.

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