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  •  I was primary caregiver for my mother (9+ / 0-)

    for 24 years because I lived close by.  My brother came once a year, either Thanksgiving or Christmas but never both.  
    When her home burned, she lived with me for 4 months until her home was repaired.  My brother called once a week to check on the house repair progress.
     I paid her property taxes and caught her car payment with she was short and also bought groceries.  My brother, who lives 50 miles away, frequently promised to transfer money to her account but there always seemed to be a bank error or something.
    When her will was made in 1998, his share of the estate was worth 2x what mine was but I was OK with it.  When Mother died in 2010, my share was worth 5x what his was.  We cannot close the estate because  he is threatening to try to break the will to increase his share.
    Somehow, I have to believe there is Karma and I have ended up far richer than my brother, and I am not referring to our shares of the estate

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