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    notrouble many here work at the PO. i will have 25 yrs in june as a letter carrier. all the talk about the health care prepayments and internet costing the PO billions is correct. but one thing that never seems to get mentioned is that it is a really mean spirited,soul crushing place to work. terribly managed with contempt for employees and customers alike. to family and friends i refer to it as the "american gulag". i have 5 more years to go then i can retire with little or no penalty. can't wait to get the @#%$ out!!!!

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      You are the first person I've heard complain about working for the US Postal service.

      The salary for an equivalent job at FedEx is about half the salary.

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        ...if fedex employees had bargaining rights they would be better off. i'm not complaining about salary or benefits. thanks to our union the nalc the benefits are pretty generous for what is "unskilled" labor. i object to being treated as a thief or worse by a management culture that is riddled drunks, womanizers drug addicts and people who, when they were carriers and clerks were poorly regarded by their peers. the PO is a classic example of the "foxes guarding the henhouse". external pressures aside, the PO is in the hole because it has been MANAGED into the hole deliberatly. article 3 of our contract basicly says that "management has the right to mismanage" and they do it day in and day out.

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