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  •  Look into Formby's products? (13+ / 0-)

    Formby's makes an excellent line of stripping/refinishing products that work easily and well, albeit a bit pricey vs DIY recipes - which all depend on what TYPE of finish you are stripping anyway, and you didn't say, except "stain"-and that covers a LOT of possible products!

    With Formby's, typically you just apply with very fine steel wool, it "melts" the old finish and all the junk on top of it, carrying it away in the steel wool, and leaving something very close to the original finish. I really like the stuff, and have used it with good results.

    OTOH, to DIY with home-made recipes, or even with commercial products, it all depends on 3 things:
    1) type of wood, plus is it light/dark?
    2) type of topcoat finish/paint/varnish/oil/latex/stain, etc
    3) original finish underneath?

    Bleach is usually used to lighten wood that has been darkened by age/stains/dirt, not for removing an actual wood stain finish; I'm not aware that it WILL remove a finish, in fact. (I was a journeyman painter in the union for years) That's just not a use I've heard of.

    You can literally Google a process for stripping virtually any finish or stain from any piece, using the 3 criteria I listed; I'm not so sure we could give you good advice without knowing more. And, there ARE stains that cannot be "removed," only altered-mostly to darken, because it's MUCH harder to lighten. But Google it. You can also find out how to determine what I listed, such as type of materials that are on it now, and the wood.

    Tip: you need to think of it as a "process" so that you strip, then "neutralize" (stop any stripping reactions), properly clean, and prepare the surface for whatever finish you intend to use. That means using compatible materials at each step, or at best you get a crappy job-at worst you can ruin the piece/project/finish, as some stripping materials will lift a finish if they are not neutralized properly. That's why I looked into Formby's, for example. There are many similar DIY things you can do, just make sure it's done as a compatible "system" for best results.

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