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    •  PS: sorry this is so late (I don't sleep much!) (1+ / 0-)
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      Just want to add that there are specific treatments/additives/coatings for the grout as well-some that you add right to the mix, some you apply after. Tip: stick with a brand or system; you can add to the mortar or grout mix, then treat the stone/grout lines after they set, and regular treatments as well. I set some tiles in a square inside my front door (the oak flooring was well beaten from previous kids), with small unglazed square tiles in a checkerboard pattern as a lower setting, surrounded by a border of thicker glazed tiles-which caught snow and mud and water. I was worried about the unglazed tiles getting ruined, so I added a silicone-type mix to the grout, then sealed the whole things after it set with a nice product from the same line; it lasted for many years and thru my 3 kids without looking worn at all, so I know. Google what's available, pick a system or line, read labels, and carefully use as directed-seriously! It works, and your shower will be all the happier for it.

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