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  •  gal, I have a tankless, if I may add... (1+ / 0-)
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    I wouldn't do it again. With only 2 of us it's mostly being used for short-duration events like Glen said, and the lag time is monstrous; it means: 1) wasting a LOT of water OR changing the way we use water, like washing with cold more often, and 2) we wait. And wait. And wait-you'd be surprised how long we wait for HOT water...

    I learned 2 things since we got it (2 years ago); I would do what Glen suggested, with small tank water heaters, and relocate the tankless closer, using smaller pipe (we put in 3/4", but 1/2" is better, for the above reasons) to save time AND water. I feel wasteful using hot water now!

    Plus, the cost is several times what a tank heater is, whether or not you put it in yourself. And the installation is not hard, but you have to both comply with local code and the manufacturers' requirements (or negate the warranty!) for electric and gas supplies, as well as clearances, exhaust limitations, and mounting. Our share of the bill was over $1200, and we had a matching 50% grant, so ROI is going to be years... if ever. (it's shorter for large water users, actually)

    No, I'd stick with our previous gas-fired tank-style water heater, if given a choice again. Listen to your husband, he sounds like me, heh!

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    by CodeTalker on Sat Jan 19, 2013 at 11:03:34 PM PST

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