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  •  Mississippi has high infant mortality rate, (5+ / 0-)
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    high number of teen pregnancy births, low assistance for women and children, poor health care for indigent women- I could go on.  But this is enough to see their abject disdain for women and children, already born.  For Gov. Bryant to say this law is to protect womens health is a cruel joke.  The clinic has no record of doing other than providing the best care for women, no record of infections, abortion complications or deaths.  So, there's absolutely no basis for his 'reason'- which we know isn't the real agenda anyway.
    There are clinics in Shreveport and New Orleans, LA; Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Huntsville, AL; and Memphis, TN- where women can obtain safe and legal abortion care IF they can make 2 trips w/ 24 hr, delay between visits and manage the time and travel.  For poor women in MS, the choices will be self-induced or criminal abortion- so hospitals there need to get ready to treat abortion complications- which most medical schools don't teach anymore.  
    Cytotec is a prescription only med used in medical abortion to contract the uterus to empty/ evacuate pregnancy tissue.  The generic misoprostol is most commonly used.
    However, Mifeprex is the initial med used in medical/ chemical abortion- and is only available to licensed physicians where it goes directly from U.S. manufacturer.  
    So, not stocked at pharmacies; however misoprostol usually is.  

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