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  •  Even with a Continental Army (0+ / 0-)

    we needed some advantages to prevail in the conflict:

    1.  The distance between Britain and the colonies made logistics and the transport of troops difficult.  If the distance had been shorter, the British probably would have crushed the rebellion similar to how they did with Scotland and Ireland.

    2.  There was division among the British civilian and military leadership about how (and even whether) to prosecute the war.  That made recruiting difficult and forced the British to resort to using mercenaries such as the Hessians.

    3.  There was miscommunication and rivalry among British commanders, most notably between Burgoyne and Howe in 1777.  Rather than moving north from New York City to join Burgoyne (who was coming south from Canada) in cutting off the New England colonies, Howe instead took Philadelphia, then the seat of the colonial government.  That left Burgoyne on his own, and led to the victory of the Continental Army at Saratoga.

    4.  With the Saratoga victory, France entered the conflict on the American side.  In addition to pressuring the British on a number of fronts all over the world, French naval forces provided a counterbalance to the British Navy the colonial forces didn't have.  This was decisive in the last battle of the war at Yorktown.  Spain and the Netherlands also entered the war against Britain.  

    The Continental Army and militias did okay at times, not so good at others.  Without the advantages mentioned above, the outcome probably would have been different.  Want to see a conservative's head explode?  Tell them that we owe our independence to the French and a gay Prussian drillmaster (Baron von Steuben)!

    The British sent their criminals to Australia and their religious nuts to America. The Australians got the better of that deal.

    by EWembley on Sat Jan 19, 2013 at 11:33:12 PM PST

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