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  •  nice work Smoh, a little character assassination (13+ / 0-)

    rather than address the content of the diary.

    Same for Christin:

    and a mouthpiece for the NRA's worst talking points is given TU status, and is allowed to persist with this crap.  
    Last I noticed, the NRA hasn't said shit about the cost to our society from the War in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    The NRA hasn't said shit about poverty.  

    Nor the prevalence for a quickly spoken:  "... may increase thoughts of suicide, if this happens contact your physician immediately" for all those lovely wonder-drugs advertised on TV.
    The clouds will part, and there will be rainbows and unicorns. That's if you don't kill yourself while in the phone queue menu for your physician:

    Press one for english, marque dos por Español, press three to leave a voicemail, press four to cancel an appointment, press five to speak with billing...

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