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View Diary: Daily Beast publishes vaccine nutter op-ed and puts kids at risk (195 comments)

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  •  The recent "Recovered from Measles" (20+ / 0-)

    Educate children on the benefits of having measles and how you can heal from them naturally and successfully. Often today, we are being bombarded with messages from vested interests to fear all diseases in order for someone to sell some potion or vaccine, when, in fact, history shows that in industrialized countries, these diseases are quite benign and, according to natural health sources, beneficial to the body. Having raised three children vaccine-free and childhood disease-free, I have experienced many times when my children’s vaccinated peers succumb to the childhood diseases they were vaccinated against.
    This is obviously written by someone who has NO freaking idea of what they are talking about.  Measles KILLS.   We had a Measles outbreak in Salina, KS when I was a kid.. here's the result:  even if you recover, the virus damages eyesight, internal organs, lowers your lifespan.. and yet, these anti-vaxers are out there thinking it's cool to beat the Measles.

    Bunch of lunatics.  All we need is for enough of these people to get the illness and get around those with immuno-suppression issues (Lupus, many disabled, HIV, HepC) and see how it works out for them.. they will die.

    Worse, the more people that get something, the more chance it has to grow and mutate.

    Complete morons.

    Gandhi's Seven Sins: Wealth without work; Pleasure without conscience; Knowledge without character; Commerce without morality; Science without humanity; Worship without sacrifice; Politics without principle

    by Chris Reeves on Sat Jan 19, 2013 at 03:42:24 PM PST

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