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    that's why there's a Bill of Rights, that's why there's an Amendment process.
    The founders also provided a third branch of government called the judicial branch that determines what constitutes "going overboard".  

    It is ridiculous to think that these men, who painstakingly created a framework in which they tried to imagine all foreseeable failures in a democratic government and prevent them within the structure itself, would also say in that same document that, well, all of that stuff can go to hell if some people get together and decide that it's not working.

    It's ridiculous on its face.  If you think you need constitutional protection for an armed revolt, then I don't think you need an armed revolt.  If our government really, truly, ever gets that bad then we can basically fuck the constitution.

    "Mediocrity cannot know excellence." -- Sherlock Holmes

    by La Gitane on Sun Jan 20, 2013 at 10:29:01 AM PST

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