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View Diary: Gun "Enthusiast" In Your Life? Here, Let Me Make It Easier. (UPDATED X2) (230 comments)

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  •  If I have given the impression (5+ / 0-)

    ...that I'm attacking you, I apologize. Whatever you may think of the diary I wrote, I hope you will find me receptive of any rational argument. I have made no value judgments about you personally nor the argument(s) you've presented.

    When I say I can see where glorificus is coming from, I refer to the posting history between the two of you, which is littered with heated exchanges. I did not mean I agreed with one or the other of you in those exchanges, merely that I understand now where each of you were coming from.

    Having reread your comments in this diary, I can/have respond(ed) to the one argument I find relevant to the subject, which is that "stereotyping, insults, disrespect... these are not ways to change minds, folks." If you'll recall, I did reply, and whatever you may have thought of the reply, I did and still do agree that stereotyping, insults, and disrespect are not useful in persuasion.

    I respond now to the second comment (the one I'm replying to) by saying it is exceedingly rare that I am dragged down to the level of personal attacks or other such irrelevant nonsense. If, in future, you wish to engage with me on this or some other topic, you may find me occasionally sarcastic, but you will (almost) never find me responding to your arguments by ignoring them in favor of personally attacking you.

    I say "almost" for two reasons: 1) Never say never, and 2) I am not immune to "losing my cool" from time to time. However, it is a very, very rare thing that I do not later recognize it, acknowledge it, and apologize for it.

    The point being, as far as I'm concerned, you are always welcome, as are any who wish you argue rationally, and even a little irrationally, as we're all human beings and therefore require a little leeway when it comes to our emotions. As you and I belong to the Groups RKBA and RASA, respectively, I'm sure we will find much disagreement between us, but it is my hope that we can field these disagreements without the unfortunate consequence of acrimony.

    I am, after all, also a member of Courtesy Kos, which (here at Daily Kos) I consider a higher calling than almost any other Group to which I belong. Obviously, in the real world, the issues take precedence, but on a political blog, courtesy helps get the ideas across. This may sound incongruous with the tone of my diary, but I would argue that the snarky remarks were aimed at a very particular and very deserving minority who do gun owners a great disservice with their extremism (the shining example was James Yeager), and I took pains to point out that some of the "talking points" I mentioned can and have been presented in a more rational manner by reasonable people.

    As a comedian in real life, part of my job is to provide catharsis to people, and I do so often by taking the most extreme examples (James Yeager and his ilk) and deflating them. This is a little trickier at DK, and the tone and substance of the presentation are widely different than if I were onstage, but catharsis is/was still the primary goal in this diary. (This is why I harped - in the diary and in comments - on the far superior - in terms of actual substance and actual debate - diary xaxnar wrote.)

    This is also why I repeatedly made the point that the majority of gun owners are not like the James Yeagers of the world, and do not deserve the kind of dismissive scorn inherent in the diary's flippant replies. When the Yeagers of the world enter the conversation, they poison it with their extremism, and we all suffer for it, but none more so than the many, many gun owners who aren't paranoid lunatics. By providing an outlet tailored toward addressing the Yeager-types specifically, it was my intent to defuse some of the hostility the Yeager-types create, thus freeing people to argue more rationally with those who aren't like that. Catharsis.

    That's the theory, anyway. Whatever else you may think of the diary, the arguments presented, or the efficacy of my attempt, I can at least assure you that there was no attempt to lump the reasonable gun owners in with the Yeagers, on my part.

    Sorry for the book-length explanation, but I wanted to at least the once fully explain what I trusted kossacks to understand about the subtext of the diary. In the heat of the moment, subtlety goes out the window, and all that.

    Anyway, whatever the outcome, I hope this finds you well, and I wish you and your loved ones much happiness in the coming year. And all the other ones, too, of course.

    The problem with going with your gut as opposed to your head is that the former is so often full of shit. - Randy Chestnut

    by lotusmaglite on Mon Jan 21, 2013 at 08:34:19 AM PST

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